Dogwood Business Brokers & Advisors
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Dogwood Business Brokers and Advisors Office at Historic Wakefield Barn

6224 wakefalls dr.
wake forest, nc




Business Brokers and Advisors

We at Dogwood Business Brokers & Advisors are dedicated to educating and coaching our customers during the process of valuing and selling their most critical asset, their business.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we will act as your agent and advisor. We provide to you the intimacy of a consultant, with the results driven orientation of sales executives. In the end, our mutual success is dependent on a carefully planned and skillfully executed series of events. Valuing, marketing, negotiating and transferring a business are time consuming and distracting for an owner to manage while maintaining business continuity. After all, while buyers want to know the history of the business you built, the current results are an important factor in the value to be realized.

Our role is to successfully execute these planned actions while maintaining absolute confidentiality for you, our client.

Dogwood Business Brokers & Advisors is not part of any franchise system. We are licensed to transfer and sell real estate in North Carolina.

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