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Information on Business Brokers

The Business Brokerage Industry provides the important function of bringing sellers and buyers together in the marketplace. Dogwood Business Brokers & Advisors is committed to being the best in this industry, whether you ae buying a business, or selling a business.

Several Key Points:

  • This industry is unregulated on a national basis and lightly regulated state by state:
    • North Carolina covers the industry by Statute S93A Section 102. A. C.
  • There are state, regional and national associations that provide codes of conduct, continuing education and conferences for professional development.

  • Confidentiality is extremely important and critical to the successful marketplace. This factor is magnified by the reach and anonymity of the internet.

  • Business Brokers offer many services but most important is the education of the seller or buyer of the steps necessary to succeed.

  • Chart: The Steps to Selling a Business (29k jpg)


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